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Vivake Pathak
09 October 2013 @ 08:46 pm

A young boy Adithyaa asked me a question about changing the future through time time travel:

In your book, God and Destiny, page no. 12, you have said, "As you cannot change whatever happened in the past, you cannot change whatever has to occur in the future from what is predestined." I have a doubt in this. Can we not change our past by traveling back into time (time travel)?

Re: Changing the future through time travel

Vivake Pathak
24 May 2012 @ 10:54 am
How much do you know about God? Take the God quiz at http://www.godanddestiny.com/quiz/ and find out.
Vivake Pathak
16 April 2012 @ 10:24 am

If at any time in your life, you are not able to find your path, you can not figure out your destination, and you are unable to see any of your close ones, then do come to me: I will take you to an eye specialist.

--An SMS from a friend

Vivake Pathak
05 November 2011 @ 12:37 am

My Mama used to tell me if you can't find something to live for, you best find something to die for.

--Tupac Amaru Shakur

Vivake Pathak

You must have heard how useful the reconstruction of a crime scene is in solving a criminal case and helping the victim. But people, general public as well as experts in the fields of psychology or criminal investigation, are still uncertain about how far they should go in this reconstruction:

ASI 'raped' rape victim, CID probe on

Fri May 07 2010, 03:39 hrs Rajkot

The CID (crime) has initiated an inquiry against an ASI (Assistant Sub-inspector) with Dhrol police in Jamnagar for allegedly raping a rape victim instead of probing her case.
     Sources said the case occurred two years ago, and the CID was to get the DNA test done on the rape victim, her daughter and ASI Magan Kotwal after the victim claimed she had a child from the ASI following the rape. “An inquiry has begun under CID in Gandhinagar after the rape victim submitted an application in this regard,” said a CID official at Rajkot.
     Two years ago, the victim, who is from Pav village in Dahod, along with husband and children shifted to Kharva village to work in the fields of one Narsinh Patel. In her application, the victim has accused Patel of raping her. She approached Dhrol police station, where her application was marked to ASI Kotwal, who took her to police quarters at Dhrol and raped her. Following threats from the ASI, the family returned to their native place. The victim made a complaint to the CID later.

18-year-old girl raped [multiple times] in south Delhi

TNN | Apr 11, 2011, 06.00am IST

NEW DELHI: An 18-year-old girl was allegedly raped twice at different parts of the city in South Delhi over the span of 24 hours. The incident was reported late on Friday and four men have been arrested.
     According to the complaint filed by the victim, she was first raped by her 42-year-old relative in Vasant Kunj area and then raped again by a stranger. The victim claimed that when she had managed to escape from her relative's clutches, and had hailed a cab in desperation around 11pm, she was again raped by the taxi driver and his two associates.
     "She has claimed that she was first raped by her brother's father-in-law — Hanuman Mishra — at his Rangpuri residence. She had gone there to look after Mishra's ailing wife. She somehow managed to escape late at night and hailed a taxi on NH-8, near Radisson Hotel. She claimed that she narrated her tale to the taxi driver, Bijender (22), who promised her a lift," said a senior police officer.
     He added: "Instead of helping her, he took advantage of her vulnerable state: he picked up two other men — Vinod (28) and Parveen (27) — on they way and they allegedly raped her in the moving car. After that, the two men got down and Bijender drove her to Dwarka sector 19 to drop her off. It was then that a passerby noticed it and made a PCR call around 4.05am. A PCR van sprung into action and managed to apprehend Bijender on the spot." The other three accused, including Mishra, were also arrested. The girl was taken for medical examination where rape was confirmed, said cops.
     Mishra works with a catering company at the Delhi airport, while Vinod is a loader there; Parveen is unemployed. Bijender, Vinod and Parveen are residents of Barona village in Sonepat, said cops. The victim is reportedly a student of class 10 and a resident of Faridabad. Her brother had recently married Mishra's daughter. A case under IPC sections 376 (rape), 376-2 (g) (gang rape), 366 (kidnapping or abducting a woman) and 368 (wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement a kidnapped or abducted person) has been registered.

Anyway, if you are raped, you should avoid telling about it to a man; otherwise, you are in real danger of going through the horrible experience again, because it seems that many men find a rape-story arousing and a rape victim sort of irresistible. Many women find the narration or idea of rape sexually exciting too, but at least a woman won’t rape you and might even help you, without reconstructing the crime scene literally. This reiterates the importance of the presence of female staff in the departments of criminal investigation and justice.
Vivake Pathak
I am doing my fourth and final book signing with the first print of my book God & Destiny on 19th April, 4–7 p.m., at the restaurant Roopram Roti (Dutch Fries & More Pvt. Ltd.), F30-B Connaught Place, New Delhi. If you would like to meet me, talk to me, get hold of one of the few remaining copies of the first print of my book, have it signed by me in your name, or try out some of the delicious items from the menu of the restaurant, then you are most welcome to the event. The restaurant is just a few steps from Rajiv Chowk metro station. If you are interested in attending the event, please express your intention at its Facebook page:

Vivake Pathak
07 August 2010 @ 04:24 pm
I have been preparing to do some book readings and signings at different venues, including book stores, with my book God and Destiny. Therefore, when I received a request for a reading and interview in the 3D-virtual-world Second Life, I accepted it happily, thinking it will be a good preparation for my real-life events, and indeed it turned out to be a wonderful experience, thanks to the intelligent and inquisitive interviewer and audience, who asked me some very good questions. Here is the link to the transcript of the whole programme:

Vivake Pathak
02 April 2010 @ 09:25 pm
My first book, God and Destiny: The Supreme Knowledge, was published by Rupa & Co. on first April, 2009, so yesterday I completed an year of being an author, and this year has passed very quickly—I can’t stop myself from saying, “Time flies,” even if it is a cliché. I am smiling when I write that it was an interesting, eventful, proud, busy, not very successful but mostly happy year.

Many of you may still not be knowing that my book has been published and is available in both physical and online bookstores, because I wanted to announce its publication in style—by inviting you to the book launch function or passing you on a link of an article or news about it in a reputable medium—but I could not do so, because I could not timely organize a book launch function, which I had planned to be grand and huge to an unforeseen scale, and the articles published about the book in the print media were not good enough to be shown to you. So the main purpose of this post is to let all of my friends and acquaintances who are not yet aware of the publication of my book know about it being out there.

In the first year of its publication, the sale of God and Destiny was not anywhere close to my expectations, I could not execute the majority of plans I had made for its promotion, and the main thing on which I spent my time for its publicity failed. But my efforts are on, and there were some positives too: I noticed a positive comment of a reader about the book on the Web; some sellers listed the book on Amazon.com, making it available at very reasonable price for US residents, and people are actually purchasing it from there too; the book got a place in the library of the Indian parliament; and this is what a reader from Mumbai (Hormasd Sumariwalla) had to say about the book in an email he sent to me on January 01, 2010:

“I convey my deep gratitude to you for your book God & Destiny which I consider a treasure, and which is one-in-a-million that one can find in the mountain of "so-called" spiritual books.”

His was the first email I read this year, and I thought, “Oh my God, what a wonderful way to begin an year!”

More information about the book is on its website, http://www.godanddestiny.com/. Thanks again to all of you for your love and support.

Vivake Pathak
Vivake Pathak
09 December 2009 @ 07:47 pm
Every person is unique and irreplaceable.
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Vivake Pathak
26 September 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Both love and life give more pain than pleasure, more woe than happiness, more tears than smiles.